First Thoughts...

Dear Friends in the Spirit,

Blessings to You, Your Family & Your Journey!   

On this page you will find several links to sites that I use on a daily basis.

The combination of ALL 3 of these daily reflections help me get through my day. They all seem to correspond with each other too...All are connected in a Divine Way.  

We are ALL connected to each other in a Divine Way.

I hope you can find the time each morning to click onto all 3 of these sites. I made it easy for you by adding them to our Fences Coming Down site.   Enjoy!

Eventually when the site is at 100%, I will add weekly & monthly Reflections, then I will ask YOU to send in Reflections, Thoughts & Experiences too!  This site will be for ALL of us to share OUR thoughts and experiences in our Faith Journey.  

You'll also get a chance to share what FENCES COMING DOWN means to you. I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Thank you for logging on.  Please share this site with others.  

May God, Spirit, Universe, Light & Love (whatever your beliefs) bless you abundantly.  

May you experience ever-lasting Joy & Peace.