Back in October of 2014, Ed "Eddie" Luisi was blessed to lead the music at a prison retreat called REC: Residents Encounter Christ at Sing Sing Correctional Facility in NY.  It was a life changing event for everyone involved. We weren't sure what was going to happen and everyone naturally had their "guards" up. The end result was just so magical it's hard to explain in words. 

After the weekend was over one of the volunteers who were with us that weekend chatted briefly about the Retreat and he said that he missed it and missed the fellows. We felt the same, but it's what he said NEXT, that changed Eddie's life for ever.

He said that when Eddie played his guitar, it touched their souls AND he saw their FENCES COMING DOWN. They became more relaxed and willing to participate in the retreat and discussions. Eddie couldn't believe how powerful those three words were.

And so here we are, FencesComingDown.com is a place where we can talk about our faith, peacefully. A place where it's OK to bring your fences down, in order to raise yourself up from what may be going on in your life. 



Would it just be FCD by itself, or maybe:

Fences Coming Down MUSIC (since I'm a songwriter & composer), or Fences Coming Down PRODUCTIONS (since I'm in television), or Fences Coming Down MINISTRIES (since I'm a music minister), or maybe a combination of all 3!

For my initial step, I knew I needed a logo, so I hired a young lady from South Carolina, Rebeka Hazard to design the logo for FCD.  After explaining the whole prison retreat and the chapel experience, she said: "I am so excited to work on this! Your explanation of Fences Coming Down spoke to me on a personal level, so I think this will be a great experience for me spiritually and professionally."
It went through many phases and edits, and in the process I had several friends give their comments & suggestions. Nick Barre, one of the co-owners of Proper Management (representing Casting Crowns, Matthew West, Selah, and many others), loved the look and the message of Fences Coming Down. (Thanks Nick!) I'm very happy with the end result. As for this website, I am working with my dear friend, web designer, former Jammer With Jesus, and of course a Friend in the Spirit:  William Figueroa. 

So, how can you help me and be a part of FENCES COMING DOWN?   Here are a few ways:

1. Tell me what does the phrase "Fences Coming Down" mean to you?

2. If you were a "Friend in the Spirit" prior to this website, how did the weekly emails touch your life?

3. And lastly, if you know me personally...how do you know me and how have I touched your life?

Depending on how many responses I get, I will select some to post on this site. Maybe I will even ask some of you to become bloggers for FCD!

This is just the beginning stages of Fences Coming Down.  It will develop into what it supposed to be. It will grow into other formats when the time is right…JUST THINK:  Fences Coming Down in marriages, in families, at work, in school, in politics, in religion…culturally, socially…the message is ENDLESS!!!

Thank you for taking the time to log on and thank you for your support. Keep those prayers and good thoughts coming, and please spread the Good News and Share Your Faith, with Family & Friends!


Blessings & In Gratitude,

Ed, EDDIE, Luisi

Founded by Ed, "Eddie" Luisi in 2015

Music, Media & Ministry veteran of over 40 years!

Eddie has been blessed & honored to work with many of the "BEST OF THE BEST" in all fields of the entertainment industry. He has made lifelong friendships and contacts, so he may continue his calling to help others. 

He has been a musician for over 40 years. Starting out as a church musician at the age of 12. He has ministered to thousands over the years at:  conferences, retreats, services, concerts, prisons, hospitals & at Mass. 

He founded “Partners in Prayer,” a daily email prayer community…“Friends in the Spirit,” a weekly email spiritual community…"The Joy Mass,” a monthly gathering for Young Adults in the Archdiocese of NY...And, “Jammin’ With Jesus,” one of his current musical groups who played at the Papal Youth Rally in NY.

Eddie has also been blessed to become an ASCAP Composer and Publisher with his company “Faith, Family & Friends Music.” 

For additional credits, check out his LinkedIn page here.

GOD IS GOOD...Eddie is grateful.